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Graeme & Theodora



What we do.

Content Creation

Freelance video work for brands. We are available for a variety of film and photography assignments around the globe - behind the camera, in front of the camera, or both. 


Producing high-quality travel and lifestyle videos, where we share our travel experiences with 100,000 others to inspire them to create their own memories.


Producing unique Instagram video feed posts and daily engaging stories of our travels on Instagram Stories.

Who we are.

We are Graeme and Theodora. One day, while we ran a successful Interior Design and Project Management company in the UK, we dared to ask ourselves “what is our wildest dream?” The answer was unanimous “to make a living travelling the world.”  Thus, we took the risk instead of losing the chance and gave up our business and life in the UK.

Now millions of views later, we have thousands of engaged people that travel the world with us. We stand out as travel YouTubers not only as a relatable travel couple who bicker about what metro line to take, but also with our high-quality videos, where we share our travel experiences to inspire others to create their own travel memories.


What we offer.


Short or long-term partnerships that include travel and

specific deliverables, such as YouTube video's, social media coverage, and

assets for brand use.

 Creating travel and lifestyle content is our bread and butter. If you are a brand looking for engaging, high quality influencer content, we should chat.

Sponsored Content

Uniquely created content to promote your product or service across our YouTube channel and social media channels

We pride ourselves in finding a way to seamlessly feature, integrate and promote a product or service in the video that makes sense and aligns with our brand.

Your company will be the face of the content via dedicated video content or shoutout video content.

Content Creation

Cinematic video and high quality photography content can all be

commissioned, either as part of a campaign or on its own. 

Our speciality is video content. No matter the platform, engaging video content is by far the most effective way to take your viewer on a journey. Whether it’s shorter form video posts for Instagram and Facebook or longer-form YouTube videos. 

Brand Ambassadorship

As a brand ambassador we share our passion for your brand or service through videos, images and posts on an ongoing basis and across all our social media channels.

This has an incredibly great impact on our followers’ purchasing behaviour.

It is a powerful and versatile tool to raise your company's or product's awareness.

Social Media Takeovers

Social media takeover is a type of influencer marketing which is used to increase brand exposure and to engage with your audience.


We curate content for your brand’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for an agreed period of time.


 We can be as informative, entertaining or funny as you’d like and we’ll make sure to leave your community engaging, smiling and swiping up. 



Offered as an add-on to our content creation services or as a stand alone product, we can help you grow your YouTube channel.


We grew our YouTube channel to 100k subscribers in a year's time. We ensure your brand has an appropriate content strategy for your channel, is continually active and most importantly growing and nurturing your audience.

There are many ways we can integrate and promote your offering to our audience and to the countless others who find our content through SEO optimisation.